Why advertise with WMSK?

We know you look for the best ways to market and advertise your business.  WMSK and Union County Radio,
we want to help tell your story to everyone who listens to us and visits our exciting website!  Why let us promote you….

Invest in Advertising and Increase YOUR Returns:

When you compare spot to spot, radio tends to be one of the least expensive advertising outlets – and with our website, online business directory, automated classifieds and live video streaming you get multiple mediums integrated into one advertising campaign.  Frequency is also key.  You can buy fewer spots and run them all in one to two weeks, so your clients can hear you more often during seasonal or promotional periods. Our station also has a large coverage map and our listeners are very loyal.  If you know what programs your clients listen to, you can reach them much easier. Target your audience by purchasing spots for the timeslots that make your message relevant.

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Our great sales staff is waiting to hear your story.  Let us develop a radio and website advertising campaign for you! Everyday, we have promotions and campaigns that revolve around you.  Call us at 270-389-1550 today!

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