‘Ultrasound bill’ passes KY Senate, goes to House

‘Ultrasound bill’ passes KY Senate, goes to House

Bill Stephens

March 1st, 2016



FRANKFORT – The state Senate passed a bill seeking to change the informed consent process required prior to an abortion in Kentucky by a 32-4 vote on Monday.

Senate Bill 152 would require an ultrasound be performed prior to an abortion and that the woman seeking that abortion be allowed to see the ultrasound image, said State Sen. Whitney Westerfield, R-Hopkinsville, who sponsored the bill. Calling it the “ultrasound bill,” he said similar legislation had been introduced in the chamber in past years.

“This is inspired in part by a constituent and friend of mine back in Christian County who expressed … regret over the experience that she had some many years ago when she sought an abortion and eventually had that abortion,” Westerfield said. “When she asked for the opportunity to see the ultrasound … the nurse ignored her on the first request.”

Westerfield said the nurse only acknowledged the request after it was made three times but then responded, “It’s best we not go down that road.” Westerfield said the woman regrets to this day not insisting that she see the ultrasound.

“I think regardless of everyone’s position on abortion in this chamber, we can all agree fewer is better,” Westerfield said. “She wishes she had not gone through it then and this would have helped her.”

SB 152 now goes before the state House of Representatives for consideration.

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