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MPD: Local nursing home patient cited for possessing heroin

MPD: Local nursing home patient cited for possessing heroin

Bill Stephens

March 22nd, 2016


A patient at a local nursing home was cited Monday for possessing heroin.

According to Morganfield Police Detective Chad Vos, around 2:00 Monday afternoon staff at Morganfield Nursing and Rehabilitation Center was moving a patient, John Greenwell, from one room to another room when they found a metal spoon that had burn marks on it. When the female staff member recognized the item as drug paraphernalia she reported it and police were called to the facility.

Upon arrival, Detective Vos says he was given the spoon which field tested positive for Heroin. When a search warrant was obtained and executed for Greenwell’s belonging, Detective Vos indicates a small plastic case was found with residue that also tested positive for Heroin.

Due to the patient’s condition, Detective Vos reports Greenwell was cited for the felony offense and released. He adds that Greenwell was immediately evicted by the nursing home staff.

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