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I-69 signage installation competed along former Pennyrile Parkway

I-69 signage installation competed along former Pennyrile Parkway

Bill Stephens

April 15th, 2016


MADISONVILLE,  Ky. (April 14, 2016) –  A contractor for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has substantially completed installation of signage for new exit numbers and mile markers along 41.8 miles of Interstate 69 from Mortons Gap to the KY 425 Henderson Bypass.

According to KYTC District 2 Chief Engineer Kevin McClearn, the contractor reports all I-69 mile markers are up and the old Pennyrile Parkway mile points are being taken down.

“We have asked our emergency agencies in Hopkins, Webster, and Henderson counties to convert their incident response and crash reporting to the I-69 mile points at Noon, today,” McClearn said. “While there is still some construction to be completed, including general paving along I-69 in May, as well as completion of the new Mortons Gap Interchange and finish work at the KY 56 Sebree Interchange, signage upgrades along the main line of I-69 are substantially complete.”

McClearn noted that the move to I-69 mile markers is another step in the ongoing effort to fully establish I-69 along the northern half of the Pennyrile Parkway.

“This gives us 16 miles of I-69 running along existing I-24 from Calvert City to Eddyville, 38 miles of I-69 running along the former Western Kentucky Parkway from Eddyville to near Nortonville in Hopkins County, then another 41.8 miles of I-69 running northward along the former Breathitt-Pennyrile Parkway to the KY 425 Henderson Bypass,” McClearn said.  “That gives us a total of about 96 miles of I-69 through Western Kentucky.”

McClearn noted that several major projects are ongoing between Calvert City and Mayfield in an effort to push I-69 down the Purchase Parkway to the Kentucky-Tennessee State Line at Fulton.

In recent months, having both I-69 signage and Pennyrile Parkway co-existing along a 41 mile section had created some confusion for drivers.   McClearn says the move to all I-69 mile points will be helpful to both motorists and emergency agencies who respond to crashes and other incidents.

“Just as it took some time to adapt to new exit numbers where I-69 runs along the former Western Kentucky Parkway through Lyon, Caldwell and Hopkins counties, it will take some time to get used to new exit numbers along the former Pennyrile,” McClearn said.

I-69 previously terminated at mile point 106.41 where it meets the Pennyrile Parkway and Western Kentucky Parkway near Nortonville in southern Hopkins County.  While it has officially been extended to the north, the conversion to I-69 mile points helps to confirm the change.

McClearn said a similar effort is being made in KYTC District 1 to gain approval to push I-69 southward along the Purchase Parkway toward Fulton.  He noted the biggest piece of the puzzle remaining on Kentucky’s I-69 Corridor is a bridge connection to cross the Ohio River to Indiana between Henderson and Evansville.

This signage upgrade for I-69 bring the following shift in exit numbers:

KY 813 Mortons Gap Exit 37 to Exit 108

KY 2171 Earlington/Madisonville Exit 40 to Exit 111

KY 70 Madisonville/Central City Exit 42 to Exit 114

KY 281 Madisonville Exit 44 to Exit 116

U.S. 41 Madisonville Exit 45 to Exit 117

KY 260 Hanson Exit 49 to Exit 120

KY 136 Calhoun/Slaughters Exit 54 to Exit 125

KY 56 Sebree/Owensboro Exit 63 to Exit 134

KY 416 Robards/Niagara Exit 68 to Exit 140

KY 425 Henderson Bypass Exit 76 to Exit 148 A & B

Due to continuing construction at the KY 813 Mortons Gap Exit, temporary I-69 signage will be placed for that exit until the new interchange ramps open.



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