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City of Henderson and Henderson Co. Tourism Commission Community Calendar Fulfills a Visioning Goal

City of Henderson and Henderson Co. Tourism Commission Community Calendar Fulfills a Visioning Goal

Bill Stephens

March 31st, 2016



HENDERSON, KY, March 30, 2016– Perhaps you’re planning a barbecue fundraiser – a popular warm-weather pursuit – and want to know if there’s another event already scheduled.

Maybe friends or relatives are visiting for the weekend, and you’re wondering if there’s something going  on in town that would help keep them entertained.

Or could be that you’re in charge of publicity for your church children’s concert and you’re looking for places to get the word out.

There’s a new calendar that can help you with all those situations. And while you’re at it, you can add information about other events you’re involved with, share them on social media or save them to your personal calendars.

The all-in-one community calendar is a team effort of the Henderson County Tourist Commission and the City of Henderson and it helps fulfill a need identified in Henderson’s 2015 Vision Plan for greater sharing of community event information.

“Going forward, the ‘team’ needs to include the entire community,” said Mayor Steve Austin. “This product will work best when all segments of the community share the events they have planned. We heard during the Visioning Process about the need for that type of communications, and now we have the tool to do it in place.”

It has the potential to be a powerful and far-reaching  tool.

Listed already for this weekend, for example, is a wide variety of events, including: a new art exhibit at John James Audubon Museum, a banquet honoring Henderson County High School alumni, a Spring Classic golf scramble at Henderson Municipal Golf Course, the start of a gardening series at the Henderson County Expo Center, Wildflower Walks at Audubon Park, high school sports, a kickoff for a Geocache event in downtown Henderson, a guided Civil War walking tour and a musical theatre production of “Bye Bye Birdie” at County High.

Check out the details at hendersonky.org/event/ and on the city website, cityofhendersonky.org, under the “Living Here” link “Community Calendar.”

“The new community calendar is something that we have needed for a long time,” said downtown business owner and tech enthusiast Nibby Priest. “This is one way to see in one place everything that is going on. This is an excellent tool for community advocates to use in planning future events and to promote what is going on in our dear community #HendersonKY.”

The calendar can be viewed as a flashy and colorful “posterboard” display or can be adjusted to a more traditional chronological “stream” view. It can be sorted by color-coded categories, by venue (such as the Henderson County Public Library or Henderson Fine Arts Center), by cost (with information about how to get a ticket, if there’s one required) or by type (children & family or meeting, for examples).

If you see something coming up that you don’t want to forget about, you can save it to your personal calendar or share it to Facebook, Twitter or Google-Plus.

There’s an option for the public to subscribe to the calendar and submit their own events at any time. When events are submitted they are reviewed by the calendar editing team, then published to the calendar. There is no limit to the number of events a group can submit, and there is no cost to submitting events or subscribing to the calendar.

“We have already put the calendar to use on our family’s Bed and Breakfast website for people looking to visit Henderson,” Priest said.

Events may be submitted individually, or if your group/organization would like to submit a calendar feed, there is an option to paste your calendar’s (.ics) URL link, which, upon approval, will automatically import and sync outside calendar feeds with the Tourist Commission’s network of events.

The goal is to provide the community with a robust all-in-one calendar network that brings together every type of event, such as (but not limited to): cultural, recreational, sports and fitness, civic and governmental, educational, philanthropic, church and festive events. These submissions are used throughout the year in newspaper, magazine, radio, television, social media and other advertising features.

Kyndle will host a program in its Brown Bag Lunch series at noon on May 23 called “A Time.ly Development: Learn How To Use Your Community Calendar” with Tourist Commission Executive Director Kyle Hittner and City of Henderson Public Information Office Donna B. Stinnett.

For more information, contact the Tourist Commission at (270) 826-3128, 1-800-648-3128 or at info@hendersonky.org.


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