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City Council Approves 1st Reading to Remove 2 Parking Spaces in Sturgis

City Council Approves 1st Reading to Remove 2 Parking Spaces in Sturgis

Bill Stephens

April 6th, 2016


Two parking spaces will be removed in Sturgis after action by Sturgis City Council during last nights’ meeting.

Due to the recent removal of the stoplight at 5th and Adams Streets, Mayor Mike Hardesty explained to council why the two parking spots need to be removed on Highway 109.

Council members unanimously approved the first reading and the second reading will be in May at the next city council meeting.

Public Works Superintendent Jeff Wilson updated council on the installation of the new sewer pump as well as other sewer pump issues.

He also informed council they had a collapsed sewer line on property where a dilapidated home had been demolished.

He suggested to council they may need to think about setting a time frame homeowners would need to have utility lines removed from their dilapidated or vacant property. Otherwise, he says they are “shooting themselves in the foot” regarding the City’s I & I issues.

After more discussion, no action was taken.

Wilson then presented a water update and stated they had a few small water leaks in the last month and the City’s water loss is up a little bit from 5 percent the previous month to 11.6 percent, but he added they are in a lot better shape than they have been in years.

And Mayor Hardesty updated council on the Lodge roof.

The next regularly scheduled Sturgis City Council meeting will be Monday evening, May 2, 2016, at 6:00 in the Sturgis Council Chambers.

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